Who Owns England?, the book: a round-up of reviews & coverage

This post is by Guy Shrubsole. Last updated Sept 22nd 2019.

It’s been a little over a month since my book Who Owns England? was published (if you’ve not got a copy yet, you can order one from the publisher here:)). Here’s a round-up of links to the reviews and coverage it’s generated so far. First, though, please check out my Twitter thread of acknowledgements to the many awesome people upon whose time, inspiration and love the book has drawn.


One thought on “Who Owns England?, the book: a round-up of reviews & coverage

  1. Three questions:
    1) Considering land as a contributor to influence and control, one wonders what percentage of wealth as a whole resides in land?
    2)If land ownership in society as a whole, hasn’t changed its shape much since Norman times, despite, you know, all that history between then and now, what would likely change it now?
    3) Can you point to comparable studies in other areas — Middle and Far east,, the Americas, Russia, Africa, etc.?

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